July 23, 2014

Port-Cros Island

Port-Cros Island, a tiny island that makes up a cluster of island called Îles d'Hyères.

I took a one-hour a ferry from Le Lavandou, about 15 minutes from where I was staying.

The ferry conductor was a jolly man who told colorful tales of the area.

Such as: former French first lady Carla Bruni lives in this area. The owner of this house had a funicular built so he could get to the beach easily.

During WWII, an elite American and Canadian commando unit fought against 150 German soldiers. Port-Cros became a national park in 1963.

Fort du Moulin, a military fort built in the 16th century. The island has a handful of forts, but this one is the most visible.

There are a smattering of shops, restaurants, and hotels around the pier.

Le fort de l'Estissac, which is higher up the mountain that Fort du Moulin. It was built around 1640.

There was a detailed permanent exhibit on the local ecosystem and history.

Up the stairs to the tower.

The tower boasts an amazing 360-degree view of the island and is highly recommended, especially since it seems few people bother to climb up.

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