July 21, 2014

Hike through Gaou Benat

Gaou Benat, in southeast France.

You wouldn't know from this photo, but the area is dotted with people's second homes. The houses are positioned in such a way that even a house 100 meters away is hardly ever visible.

If you trek through the hills, you can make your way to a popular beach. There is a vineyard close by.

Even someone taking a fairly arduous walk to the beach is impeccably attired, like this lady.

A beautiful but mostly abandoned church.

There are a handful of restaurants by the beach -- perfect for a meal break after a swim.

The area even houses the President's former summer quarters, but the location was changed last year after it was determined that it lacked security.

Considering how easily we were able to reach it, I would have to agree.

Little shrimp in the water.

Anemones, all closed up.

We foolishly tried to get back to the house via the rocks. It ended up taking five hours and was probably the most physically exhausting thing I've done in my life.

Sea urchin and seaweed.

Dried up starfish.

Military boat in the distance.

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