May 27, 2014

Rainbow Bridge by Day

A not widely-known fact: there is a path for pedestrians on Rainbow Bridge, the bridge that serves as an entryway to the Odaiba area.

While open year-round, in the winter months the pedestrian route closes at 4pm.

Until recently, it was possible to ride a bike through the bridge, but the current method involves tying on wheels and pushing the bike across.

I'm used to zooming through on the Yurikamome Line, but walking across the bridge takes a surprising amount of time.

The bridge has two stories, and on the lower floor, the train line is sandwiched between two car lanes. The top story is the express route.

Major construction going on at Shijomae Station.

For the most part, the view is fenced in, but strategic sections are not.

 These stairs are not for pedestrians.

 Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, with the Sky Tree visible in the background.

 The triangle building is called Yokoso, which means, "Welcome!"

The emergency phone box at the halfway point of the bridge.

Cargo on Shibaura Port.

The loop that the Yurikamome Line makes after crossing the bridge. You can see the train in the center of the photo.

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