May 18, 2014

Design Festa Favorites

My favorite items that I saw at the 39th Design Festa, held May 17-18 at Tokyo Big Sight.

A double-decker rocking chair and a swinging see-saw in the shape of an eye. The two together were called "The London Eye". As I mentioned in my previous post, it's fair to say that too many of the exhibits cashed in on cuteness rather than actual innovation and design, but this was one of the freshest things on display. Check out the artist's page here.

Cutout egg lanterns.

If you want proof that these are actually eggs, here you go.

Selling dyed creatures encased in Plexiglass seemed to be a thing. I saw several stands with similar works.

They were certainly beautiful to look at, though.


Also surprisingly beautiful: a series of handmade craft tools, used in particular for tiny objects.

Shaping small animals out of felt wool has been popular for the last decade or so, but this person had taken it to a hyper-realistic state.

It was a humane take on the taxidermied cat.

One of the few glass works at the festival.

Room slippers that had sizes S to L, but only went up to 25 cm (around a US size 9). Just one of the many things that make you question the "International Art Event" moniker that comes before Design Festa. (Also, I personally went to around 70% of the booth but did not see a single non-Japanese person.)

Another person having fun with the relaxed, anything-goes atmosphere of the festival in the form of a super-friendly, super-furry wolf.

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