December 4, 2013

The Special Wing

The room we stayed in at Ichijoin was more or less a whole wing of the temple.

Whereas other rooms share bathrooms and bathing facilities, this section had its own, and was luxurious to the point of decadent, especially when you consider that monks generally lead a life of austerity. It was made up of two large rooms, and a wraparound patio-like room.

The table where matcha green tea and sweets were served.

The rooms contained so much beauty and art, I treated it practically like a museum.

Breakfast and dinner were served here (photos of food to come later), and a night, the fluffiest futon I have ever slept on was laid out. These were all served by monks, which took some getting used to (imagine a church being rented out as a hotel, with the priests waiting on you and you understand my confusion). Everyone has to make a living, I suppose.


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