July 23, 2013

The Adachi Park of Living Things -- Greenhouse and Creature Section

The greenhouse portion of the Adachi Park of Living Things, a replication of a mini-rainforest. The greenhouse has a small waterfall.

Butterflies fly freely within the confines of the greenhouse.

At night, dozens of them were asleep behind the leaves.

Macrochelodina rugosa, a creepy long-necked turtle.

Some of the sections had an elevated floor that allowed kids to crawl under the exhibit and poke their heads through.

It was positioned in a way that allowed you to look directly at the boa constrictor when you looked out. Terrifying.

A chinchilla.

Copulating turtles, which was perhaps the most disturbing thing I saw in the entire museum.

The butterfly incubation room.

Chipmunks. The museum had constructed a wire-covered tube that allowed them to run out of their cage and along the walls of the lobby.

Fishing for crayfish.

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