July 9, 2013

Ikiiki-kan in Toyama City

Ikiiki-kan in Toyama City, a building near Toyama Station that triples as a mall, city hall, and museum.

Envelopes with illustrations that are a playful interpretation of people's last names. For example, the second-to-left envelope on the top row is for the last name Sato. The kanji for Sato is generally 佐藤, but it has the same sound as sugar, 砂糖. Hence, the spoonful of sugar.

These pencil cases were made of paper. Beautiful, but perhaps not long-lasting.

The festival section had traditional drums that you could actually play.

A museum of medicine, which Toyama is traditionally known for. 

Medicines were being sold in old-school packaging.

A form of paper balloon.

In the section for food souvenirs. I wanted these but they were not for sale.

Special taiyaki, a wedding gift bag staple.


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