March 9, 2012

Otaru Fish Market

The fish market for locals in Otaru, about an hour's drive away from Sapporo. Whereas the main street contains shops selling fresh seafood, they are clearly for tourists (at tourist prices).

I went here at closing time, so most of the booths were closed for the day. Here, a man covers vegetables with damp newspaper.

This character was featured prominently in every stand. I gather it's some sort of mascot for the market, but a bit dated now.

A whole wall of the girls.

Decoration -- perhaps a grandson's discarded toys?

A kamaboko (processed fish meat molded into a half-moon shape) maker.

The fish on the right is hokke (Arabesque greenling). It's very easily attainable in Hokkaido, but not nearly as well known in the rest of Japan. Apparently, it's commonly eaten fried.

Frozen salmon.

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