October 2, 2011

The Good Town of Awa-amatsu

Awa-amatsu on the Boso Peninsula, one train stop away from the surfer haven Awa-kamogawa.

It looks like any other sleepy beachside town, but it is apparently considered one of the less well-off towns in the Peninsula, deflated as the fishing business died down.

This sign at the beach spells out the situation for you:
1. Protect our youth from deliquency.
2. Do not inhale substances such as paint thinner.
3. Do not walk alone at night.

Sparklers at the (noticeably littered) beach.

The town's pretty little junior high school. They must have had some funds left over.

Monkey sign on the mountain road. The stationmaster at Awa-amatsu advised against walking in the woods, but I couldn't figure out if this was because of the animals or the paint-huffers.

Followed a shallow river downstream.

 Freshwater crab!

 A bone from an unidentifiable creature. This was definitely spooky.

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