October 4, 2011

Everyone Has a Story (Including Turtles)

In front of a monja restaurant in Tsukishima's Monja Dori, a tiny little turtle on display for passersby to see. Apparently, he had been found abandoned in front of the restaurant, all covered in grime.

 The owner of the restaurant named him Mi-chan, because he's green (=midori in Japanese). People in the neighborhood donated the contents of his tank (which explains the randomness), and he's become a mascot of sorts.

And in a practically fairy tale-like twist, he's become famous for dancing to bon odori (a kind of folk dance) songs. The owner of the restaurant will very happily tell anyone who stops to admire the turtle, "Wait until his favorite song comes on! He'll do a dance!" I couldn't wait around that long, but he was bobbing his head back and forth to the music. Perhaps we're seeing the midpoint of a future rags to riches situation?

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