March 10, 2010

Perfume Nips

A hand-me-down from my mother: tiny, needle-thin vials of perfume. To release the perfume, the glass end has to be snapped off.

An interesting blog post talking about the history of perfume nips, and their relevance in this day and age:


Prosetry said...

In the perfume world, these are called perfume nips. They were popular in the 1950s, apparently.

Sachiko Shiota said...

Thanks! I was googling all these keywords but I still had no idea what they were called.

Perfumaniac said...

Hi there,

Do you know what perfumes are in the nips? Just curious. I do love this idea...And they look kinda dangerous, or like they contain drugs. But I suppose if you like perfume, it is like a drug. :)

Sachiko Shiota said...

Perfumaniac, hi! No, I don't know what scents are in there. There used to be a slip of paper detailing all the perfumes (like the one in your blog post), but it's long gone.

The perfume nips look like needles...I can easily imagine accidentally cutting myself with them!

Unknown said...

I have the exact same box! I can't figure out a way to post a picture here. (This is the first time I have posted on a blog! lol)
Email me at sharonrummell@aol.Com
I will email you the list! Some of these perfumes are no longer made and are all VERY high-end perfumes!
:) Sharon