February 22, 2010

ふやき御汁 宝の麩

Fumuroya, a Kanazawa-based (Ishikawa Prefecture) company that specializes in fu (wheat gluten) products.

One of their specialities is this fu-encased, freeze-dried miso soup.

The miso comes separately. Squeeze the miso out of its packet and put it in the bowl along with the fu. Poke a hole in the fu so the shallots and whatnot inside can come out, and pour boiling water.

Shallots, seaweed, flower-shaped fu burst out of the casing like confetti. You'd never imagine that such a small square could contain that much ingredients. It's an enthralling sight.

The end product, which is as tasty as it is beautiful. It's the most high-end instant miso soup you could ever imagine. Perfect for presents.

A link to their online shop.

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