August 16, 2009

Doutor Mauka Meadows

Doutor Mauka Meadows in Kona, Hawaii, a coffee tree farm/tourist spot operated by Japanese franchaise Doutor Coffee. Visitors (90% of whom are Japanese) can walk around the farm and surrounding garden, with its assortment of coffee, avocado, fig, and macadamia trees. Fruit trees can be sampled, and visitors can even pick and crack their own macadamian nuts.
The farm is situated 1,500 feet above ground, and the walking tour takes you down the mountain. At the end is a resting area and gift shop with a fountain that overlooks the ocean. (The blue in the foreground is merely the shallow pool; the ocean is a slim belt in the middle.) Wedding receptions have been held there for Japanese celebrities such as Erika Sawajiri, but the facilities do not extend to weddings for ordinary folk.

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