March 27, 2009

Sending Love to a Video Store

Atomic Cafe, the adorably kitsch cafe adjacent to Le septième, most likely one of the best video rental stores in Montreal. I wish the words "video rental" meant more these days--had I discovered this place even five years ago, I would have visited religiously.

Still, I enjoyed walking around the store, looking at their collection of DVDs. You have to admire a store that has carefully culled all the worthy not-necessarily-Hollywood films and lined them up in alphabetical order. (It all starts more or less with Almodovar.)

It's not just the DVD-window shopping; Atomic Cafe itself is an eyeful as well.

Amongst the magazines available to read: two old scrapbooks, circa 1953. One is dedicated almost entirely to clippings of women in their brassieres from magazine ads and fashion spreads; the owner was the 1950s version of a pervert. This one is a feature on women's hairstyles, likened to fowlery.

Pay a visit, you'll find yourself obsessing over every small detail in both Atomic Cafe and Le septième, from the Gumby knick-kancks over the counter, to the copy of My Summer of Love on the shelf. (Which reminds me, I have to watch it again.)

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