November 27, 2008

Let Down by 2009

The "2009" in twinkle lights is certainly pretty. They do add an extra bit of sparkle to an already stylish Ginza street. But these banners are hanging from streetlamps, surely you wouldn't need more light to read the things? Far be it for me to scorn creativity, but this lavish use of electricity stuck me as odd in these ecologically-conscious times.

Japan has always excelled at making things aesthetically pleasing, but that can no longer be a top priority when there is a bottom line to be met.

So far, the only way the country has contributed to "saving" the planet is by commercializing -and cashing in on- eco-life. Eco-goods have become such a popular trend that stores are stocking enough nylon tote bags ("eco" bags) and aluminum tumblers to outfit the entire population. Is it any wonder that Japan is failing to meet its carbon emissions goals for 2012?

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