November 4, 2014

Nothing but Rabbits

Though Okunoshima Island is known for its rabbits, and the quality time you can spend with them, they don't actually sell any rabbit food on the island. Visitors should bring their own food, or better yet, do as I did and simply give them the tons of food that seem to be left over. This is easier to do on the weekend, when the number of visitors swells considerably, and the amount of food given to the rabbit is borderline dangerous. I saw a man lugging a Costco-sized bag of rabbit feed!

Rabbits are famously skittish, and can die of fright. Therefore, they must be approached with caution. They're a much less aggressive version of the deer in Nara.

After I saw the little grey bunny, I made a note to myself: come back in the spring when the bunnies are born.

The laziest rabbits congregate in the area immediately surrounding the hotel; the ones that live elsewhere on the island are generally warier of people. That said, wherever you go on the mountain, there will always be a couple of rabbits that run out to meet you and look like this:

 They are very hard to resist.

Rabbits snuggling together. 

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