April 13, 2013

A Cloudy Day Walk in Shimo-Ochiai

Hippy-dippy building several minutes' walk from Shimo-Ochiai Station.

A public elementary school that was obviously built recently. Interesting architectural details are the giveaway.

The terraced concrete blocks are not merely so flowers can receive ample sunlight; each step is actually a mini-pond that houses lily pads and medaka (Japanese rice fish)!

Random bronzed baby in the corner of an apartment building.

Otomeyama Park, one of Tokyo's nicer public parks. The park has two sections, one on either side of a street. It has recently expanded its reach, and the renovated park was unveiled just today.

Believe it or not, there are two inchworms in this picture. I only noticed because the paler one was crawling up my leg.


The stray cat, a staple of Japanese parks.

It was excited to no end by the remnants of fallen cherry blossoms.

It was the most tiger-like cat I'd ever seen.

The Kanda River, still pink from all the fallen cherry blossoms.

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