August 21, 2012

The Accoutrements of Japanese Painting and Japanese Calligraphy

On a street somewhere between Nezu and Nippori, two beautiful shops catering to Japanese art.

Kikaido is a shop selling supplies for Japanese painting, mostly mineral and other powdered pigments.

There are over 2000 colors in stock, and they have been arranged in a gorgeous rainbow effect. The store is either very new or recently renovated.

Across the street, a store selling calligraphy brushes. But they are far removed from the standard thin brushes you use in elementary school.

I didn't get to look inside, but you can see from the enormous fat bristles that these are made for very large scrolls.

I only hope that both stores have enough customers to stay afloat! There may be curious visitors like me who are simply enamoured in the beauty of the colors and the craftsmanship, but unfortunately that doesn't translate into business.

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