January 14, 2012

Von Jour Caux in Ikebukuro, Part 2

Literally across the street from the Von Jour Caux building in Ikebukuro is another one of the architect's creations. I write this quite skeptically because I couldn't find any concrete information on the internet to back this up (I'm basing this on a fan site), and because this building is so tame in design and careless in upkeep that I can hardly believe it's his.

The use of color and the use of tiling is there.

And there are just about enough odd decorations to convince me. But overall, it strikes me as a lesser work, and that there is a massage parlor on the second floor (not that this should be a surprise in Ikebukuro) doesn't add to my fairly low opinion. I almost wonder if this is an imitation.

Construction began in 1987, several years after the other building was completed.

While looking for information on this building, I came across a page that listed Tokyo buildings in danger of demolition. I was sad to see two of his buildings on the page. At the very least, I hope to visit them before they are demolished. I would not want to be the person who tears down a Von Jour Caux building, dreams and history being crushed so vividly in front of you.

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