December 23, 2011

Kingyozaka Cafe

When you're done looking at the fish at Kingyozaka, you can step inside the cafe for a bite.

The history of the cafe is less storied -- it's been open for less than 10 years. It is, however, an impeccable construction that has been decorated lovingly. (The Kingyozaka website even has information on the company that built the cafe.)

There are three floors: the restaurant floor, the bar (technically a half-floor), and the attic floor. You can't see it in this photo, but the half-circle window has a goldfish design etched into it.

The attic gives off the vibe of a cozy chalet. Since the bar sells cigars, the scent (not as unbearable as cigarette smoke, and strangely suited to the vibe) wafts upward.

Goldfish are naturally part of the decor...

... as are goldfish motifs.

They even wind up in your plate! This is a carrot in the form of a goldfish. Regular fish is also on the menu, although I would feel slightly uncomfortable ordering it after looking at all the goldfish outside.

Cigar boxes and goldfish, an incongruous combination.

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