August 8, 2011

Hey, Vintage Barbie!

Introducing a Barbie Bubblecut doll from circa 1962, if my research is accurate. My boss lived in the US in the 1960s, and she still has the dolls that she and her sister played with.

50 years old and Barbie's still got it.

It's not just the dolls she still has, it's the clothes and accessories! If these clothes were my size, I would wear every single one.

Presumed Redhead #6 Ponytail Barbie (1962) has fared less well, though the green tinge on her face is only a sign of being loved. She is outfitted in a handmade outfit.

I was surprised to discover how soft her hair is. I remember my own 90s Barbies having hair like straw.

Bubblecut Barbie is wearing a Pan Am uniform, but the bag and hat that materialized from the accessories box were of American Airlines.

Each unpacked item was a delight...

...from the faux crocodile leather handbag to working scissors to record player to the stilettos. But my favorite were the hot water bottles, below the scissors.

Barbies outfitted in their rainy day best.

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