July 1, 2011

Gazing into Shop Windows

A sewing machine store in Annecy, France. At first I saw the sign and wondered if it was an attempt to create a kanji-like symbol.

A florists', immediately clear from the almost too-much window decorations.

A clothing store with some thoughtfully collected lines.

A rent-a-Segway shop! The problem is that you can't exactly stop and pop into a store when you're on one, and you can't really go anywhere if you only have 45 minutes to get back to the shop.

Amusing - but wholly impractical - watches.

Dogs not only have carte blanche to shit wherever they want to in the street, they also get to go inside stores.

A sewing shop, absolutely packed with ribbons and embroidery thread.

A tailor's, where old Singer sewing machines (and antique sewing desks) seem to be more than just decoration.

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