September 26, 2010

Kiyosumi Teien

Kiyosumi Teien (Kiyosumi Gardens), three minutes' walk from Kiyosumishirakawa Station. For a mere 150 yen, you can walk around this peaceful space. Essentially a cluster of small ponds surrounded by rocky paths, it takes a surprising amount of effort to walk around without tripping and toppling into the water.

Since visitors are allowed to feed the animals, the turtles and koi in particular seem to grow voracious at the mere sight of a human being.

It's quite unsettling to see a dozen fat koi zooming your way and gaping their mouths open.

The park seemed to be a popular date spot. There are benches positioned all around the park to allow for private moments.

A gorgeous willow tree, marred by the sight of the toilets right behind. They have been conveniently cut out from the frame here.

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