July 22, 2010

Up Close and Personal

At Sakura Joshi Koen (Sakura Castle Park), blue dragonflies can currently be seen in abundance, particularly near the Ubage pond. Their gossamer-thin wings are still substantial enough to have a shadow.

Water lilies are in bloom on the pond, though they can only be viewed in the morning. By mid-afternoon, the flowers are all closed up. Oddly fierce turtles swim underneath the lily pads (if you wave at them, they make a beeline for you). Less visible are the fat frogs that sit on the pads, giving themselves away only when they croak.

For some reason, the park is home to a handful of semi-feral cats. They race along tree branches like any self-respecting animal in the wild, yet someone seems to be supplying them with store-bought cat food.

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