May 11, 2010

Is That Why Your Men Are So Fine?

Inside Hardy's, the oft-sighted Indonesian supermarket chain. The one I went to was cheap (compared to Japanese prices) and well-stocked, particularly in biscuits, condiments, and souvenir chocolates.

(An aside -- when my mother asked the hotel staff what made for a good souvenir, one answered with 100% sincerity, "Tim Tams". Indeed, boxes of the Australian biscuit were piled high on shelves in the supermarket. Their only concession to being a Balinese souvenir were the words, Bali, printed in large letters on the box.)

Anyway, this store also had an impressive array of nutritional supplements on display. With choices like "Gain Mass", "Lose Weight", and "Six Pack", idealism seems to be the key ingredient here.

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