October 29, 2009

By the Heat of the Flame

Pilot's Frixion Point, a water-based ballpoint pen with a rubber tip attached at the end. Use the rubber end on what you've written, and it works like an eraser! My initial thought was that this would come in handy when writing resumes, as resumes in Japan have to be individually hand-written and don't allow any mistakes. Even using whiteout is verboten! (If you make even the tiniest mistake, you have to start over.) Alas, Pilot puts itself out of the running for Potential Lifesaver© by including the following warnings in the fine print:

"Do not use for forms or addresses."
-Because the info can be easily erased, I assume. But this includes resumes.
"When exposed to heat over 60°C, the ink will become invisible."
-This must mean the friction generated to erase the writing in the first place is approximately 60°C.

As a test, I wrote with the pen on a piece of paper and held it over the heat of a candle.
Like magic!

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