July 1, 2009

Green Tea Paper Napkins

(Mogura Cafe in Takatanobaba.)

This paper napkin contains recycled tea leaves from Itoen's Ooi-ocha, a popular line of bottled green tea. It is yet another development in the tea company's quest to effectively re-use its tea leaves. The napkins, which began to be sold commercially only last month, join the likes of ballpoint pens, cardboard boxes, tatami mats that the company has already produced -- all containing recyled tea leaves.

According to the company, by using tea leaves, they are able to cut down on paper material. And since the leaves are used wet, drying the leaves after their use is no longer necessary. Tea leaves are also reputed for their sterility, and their ability to absorb smells. 1,000 of these paper napkins contain roughly the amount of tea leaves used to produce 36 500ml bottles of tea.

And here I thought this was just a publicity stunt.

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