December 16, 2008

That Fashion Puzzle

This "cher" bag I've been seeing everywhere from around the beginning of this year has me puzzled. It's not cute, it doesn't look expensive, and it's not a name brand. These aren't necessarily the cardinal rules of Japanese fashion, but when something isn't even one of the three but still massively popular, it becomes worthy of dissection. Perhaps they were included as a free gift in a magazine? Or maybe it's the cheapest item in a very expensive line?

Also fairly baffling is the ubiquity of Dean & Deluca tote bags, size small. Dean & Deluca isn't even a particularly large chain in Japan, with only ten cafes and stores in all of the country. Does this mean that people are simply purchasing the bags online? Or could it be that all first-time customers are given their own canvas bags, and everyone who was given one has resolved to use it in public? The tides of Japanese trends can be genuinely inexplicable at times.

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